Featured FujiFilm NorthAmerica

I have been using the FujiFilm X100t as a visual tool to develop this crazy film noir thriller extravaganza since October 2016. Today I got a little surprise from one my test images. Thanks to FujiFuilm for the feature.


KOZM “Tightrope”

After months of experimenting with themes, that involved diving into the wilderness of the mind, “Tightrope” came along. KOZM’s flurry emotional soundtrack allowed me to set them free into this piece. Kristelle Monterrosa provided the movement, the emotion, the rawness of a woman losing herself to unwinding madness. In post, we applied the “blood flow” effect to magnify her battle within her own self and her multiple personas.

Batwing’s “Doomsday”

Had some fun with Batwing on this crazy looking project.

One of my biggest influences has always been Max Ernst. His surreal work always made an impact on me. “Doomsday” was an homage to his nightmarish imagery who has haunted me beautifully since I was a child.

This video, also, marks the first chapter of my magical realist work. M.